Crimson and Clover

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When people you dislike start doing/liking your favorite things

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sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis

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Dolphins are straight up murdering to get high dolphins are piece of shit

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4/20 Praise It

Happy Easter or 4/20 depending on where your priorities are ~

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#Expendables concert 🎸🎶with the bae at House of Blues SD!

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This was seriously the best prank

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Title: UnknownDisco Heaven
Artist: UnknownLady GaGa
Album: UnknownThe Fame
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You can keep bitching about poor people “pulling themselves” up by their bootstraps, but they can’t pull it up if they have no shoes to begin with. 

The same applies to all marginalized and underprivileged groups. 

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A woman reaches under a block from the apartheid wall trying to hold the hand of her mother on the other side. Many families have become segregated after the Israeli occupation regime completed the construction of the wall which runs through Palestinian lands. This is just one of thousands of cases. 



like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all

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Title: UnknownBadfish
Artist: UnknownSublime
Album: Unknown40 oz To Freedom
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Sublime - Bad Fish

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The snuggle is real. 

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